Week One Follow Up And Getting More Rest

Well, this past week has been an interesting one with wrapping my brain around this new commitment to myself to health and wellness. I often think of New Year’s Resolutions and Monday mornings as a clean slate to start off your year/week slamming it out in the gym at 5:00 am. Yet, it is 6:08 am and I’m sitting here in my bathrobe with my fluffy slippers on doing some oil pulling. Ya, the cleanse continues. Or should I say since it’s Monday morning that it is just beginning.

I received my health assessment from Maria this past weekend and was pretty much not shocked at all at her review of my symptoms and health issues I’ve experienced over the years. I have always been one who is extremely in touch with my body and so it was of little surprise to me. Having gone through the list of dos and don’ts, I finally made a little bit of sense of what it is that I need to zero in on and then follow up with the other recommendations.  Clearly there are some hormonal, adrenal, and obviously thyroid issues. I had mentioned before that I am on a rather high dose of Armour Thyroid which hopefully will not need any adjusting other than to LOWER it. In Maria’s assessment of me, there are some digestive health issues that need addressing. But this is really not about cleansing. It’s about repairing and keeping the natural channels of cleansing and detoxing open and moving. Keeping the elimination cycle regular and restoring natural and normal bowel function. We are addressing that with high doses of probiotics, L-Glutamine, and Magnesium. All of which have been on my program but just manipulating the timing and dosage. I also will be back on my digestive enzymes that include a simple dose of HCl and Pepsin at each meal.  There were a ton of other recommendations that I am still mulling over and will slowly implement into my program bit by bit. But the two areas that definitely need addressing are digestion and sleep.

Resting the body is so critical in our healing process. Although I always go to bed very early, I am waking up way before the crack of dawn, hitting the floor running, and then feeling extremely burnt out and extremely irritable by the end of the day. My body and my mind have been taxed beyond my own recognition of myself. The amount and kind of sleep you get is imperative to your overall health and wellbeing. Many people will say that they do fine on 4-6 hours of sleep. But truly your body is not getting that deep restorative rest that it needs to go all those hours you spend awake…..especially if you are involved in fitness and need to expend that extra energy on your workouts.  So part of my program is making sure that I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. I am taking some supplements such as GABA, 5-HTP, and Magnesium to help make sure I go down and stay down. The hard part for me is keeping myself in bed when my eyes go BING at 4 am. Really for me there is no need to wake up that early. It’s all about retraining myself.

Speaking of retraining myself and rest….I am working on my mind structure as to how I look at my life and fitness. Like I said, I hit the floor running and normally first thing on a Monday morning I’m pounding it out at the gym. Well, this Monday morning I’m pounding it out on my keyboard. In the past 5 days I went to the gym one time and that was just for a stroll on the treadmill. I am not feeling my usual super fit self right now due to all the changes my body is experiencing; however, the changes that needed to take place were in other areas of my life and truly involved cutting back on the intense working out I’ve done for over 24 years now. My new routine involves truly letting my body rest……but let’s be clear, I will never give up working out and when I do, it will be full of heart and muscle.

How am I feeling physically??? It’s different from day to day. This past weekend was horrible. I experienced some pretty insane Herxheimer’s reaction (die off) from the Candida Cleansing herbs I am taking. YUCK!!! Intense migraines and nausea which were alleviated by eating and resting. So I rested a lot on Saturday and Sunday. I am definitely noticing a difference in how my mind is thinking lately. I had started on some of the neurotransmitters long before working with Maria. I am very optimistic that working together and adjusting the timing and dosage will help me in that department even more. The power of the mind over the body is so intense that simply by balancing your brain chemistry—NATURALLY—you will see a huge difference in your gut which leads to all other areas of your body. So for that I am really excited.

Since there is adjustment with my digestive process, the day to day process is different. Between the cleansing herbs, the probiotics, L-glutamine, and other add ins, one day I feel amazing, the next day I feel not so amazing. There is a healing process going on and I am adjusting to the changes. I know that over the course of the next month, months rather, there will be amazing changes especially as I continue to increase the recommendations and go further into my Keto-Adapted lifestyle.

The food is amazing. I’m feeling satisfied for the most part and know that when I’m feeling off, it’s generally because I am dehydrated or didn’t get enough fats in my diet that day. That’s the part about this program I love the most. I love the low carb higher fat lifestyle. Always have. So it works for me.

What works for you?

What programs, dietary lifestlyes, and fitness programs have you worked with that have actually cured/healed you from that tie that binds you in life? True healing doesn’t leave scars. True healing allows you to move forward and know that what you once experienced is in the past and no longer leaves you in fear of your condition. Truly it is called a transformation. It may not be easy, but then again, anything worth having is worth fighting for. Especially your health.

To your health,


To find out more about Maria and her amazing health programs just click on the link below




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