Theta Healing

I recently posted a blog on my experience with Theta Healing. Well, as much as so many are focused on their exercising, nutrition, and other forms of well-being, I have incorporated this method of healing into my personal healing practice. I find that it is really easy to get the day to day physical tasks done.  It’s never been an issue for me to get my workouts in or to prepare healthy meals that fuel my body. However, I have the tendency to neglect a very powerful aspect of my life that actually drives these other areas. And it’s not an uncommon thing. It’s become the norm to burn the candle at both ends. It’s become accepted to be depressed, unhealthy, and to rely on prescriptions medications to “get us by” and painkillers to numb the aches. But it isn’t healing. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that it is. I get it. I have to pop a pill now and again too in order to get past something that is physically painful. But I’m talking about the long term “stuff we deal with” in life that holds us back from being fully expressive and healthy in a real way.

For about 7 years now I have been being treated, on and off, by my Theta Healer, Beatrice, for, well, you know… stuff. Stress, anxiety, fears, and even physical health and well being. So what is theta healing anyway???  It is “The technique that allows you to replace beliefs that hold our bodies and mind back from functioning their best. It is effective for both physcial and emotional issues such as relationships, money, and fear.”  It is basically reprogramming your mind and body through the alignment of your chakras, points on the body that serve as energy centers.  And I have to tell you from personal experience, that when those chakras are not spinning in the right direction, your life will be spinning out of control. The technique is so subtle, but the results are extremely profound.

My experience with Beatrice has been extremely positive throughout the years. When I am consistent with my treatments, when I stay on track with my extremely easy exercises, and when I avoid toxic situations….life flows. Life Gives. Life is just good.

We all have challenges in life. It’s not to say that theta healing is going to fix those challenges. But it sets you up to be prepared for those challenges. To manage them properly because you are in alignment. When you start to have financial problems, relationship problems, or health issues…and many of us are having those issues all at the same time…you are out of alignment. It is easy to fall into a pattern of blame game. Something happens and then a domino effect takes place and it seems like life comes crashing down on you. I know….I’ve been there. In fact, all three and then some.

I know how to help heal clients on a physical level. But are you aware of how much of our physical being is directly related…even more so….to the mind. You can do everything right. Eat healthy, exercise, and sleep 8 hours a day. But if you are stressed in life, if you are not in alignment and spinning in all the right directions, something is going to give. For me, it was always my digestive health and my reproductive system. Interesting how on a physical level they are so closely related. Our GI and repro systems make up who we are…physically. But our mind, our energy centers, make up who we are emotionally and spiritually. I have seen the most physically looking healthy people be the most unhealthy. That was me. I exercised daily, ate healthy, and did everything I could to be well. But I was a mess in so many areas of my life.

This time around with Beatrice has been ground breaking for me. I have seen things shift in my life in a way that I just know bigger and better things are on their way in the future. I can see it and I can feel it. Topics of discussion that used to cause me stress and anxiety now just put a smile on my face. Because I know and I feel deep inside that I am developing the tools and strengths to handle these life situations.  And it is exciting for me coming from where I have been these past couple of years.

Working as a cleansing coach has often caused me to question my clients beyond what they are eating and physically doing in their lives regarding their health. Yes, the physical has a lot to do with it. But we think of the mind and the gut as a figure 8. Constantly connected. No break in the loop. They feed off of each other. But when there is a break due to trauma, stress, anxiety, or other life issues, then the connection between the two becomes severed. We can start to experience lots of digestive health issues that ultimately will affect other bodily functions. Setting yourself straight in spirit has a direct impact on your bodily functions. I know that through theta healing, that I have been able to drop baggage, see things for what they really are, breathe a little deeper, and make wiser choices that will only benefit me in the future. I’m letting go more and with that I am feeling better in my body. Is it perfect? No. Will it ever be? I don’t have the answer to that. But I do know that like training myself at the gym and taking the time to prepare healthy wholesome and nutritious meals that feed, fuel, and serve my body well are only part of the picture. We must nourish our minds and spirits as well. When we put it all together, we have that Figure 8. We have that solid boundary. We have achieved health and wellness.

For me, with all that I have tried in my life, I have added and am keeping Theta Healing into my personal healing practice. Because for the first time ever, I do feel in alignment. And it’s an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning with a purpose, bounce out of bed, and take on your day with passion.

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Best in health,

Tracy Lynn