Born To Be “A Little” Bad

A few weeks ago, in one of the online modules for school, there was a lecture  about “Being Bad.”  We were encouraged, if only for a day, to take on an activity that would be considered a little bad or selfish, if you will.  Although, I’ve never seen being a little selfish as a bad thing. If we are not taking care of ourselves then there is nothing left to give to others.  The encouragment wasn’t about being bad in the sense of going out and doing something illegal. No. It was encouragment to fulfill desires in life that we neglect to do out of other obligations like family and work. A lot of us feel guilty if we take time away from our kids or our jobs. We forget that in the big picture, we count too. Our physically and emotionally achy bodies need just as much attention as that 3 year old tugging on the back of your apron calling “Mom… Mom….Mom” until he finally gets what he wants. Before you know it, between the family, the job, and all the other life demands, you are spent. Ready to explode. And often times we do.

What would it mean for you to be a little bad? To go out there and really indulge in something that you would not do otherwise because it simply doesn’t fit into your regular schedule. To call up your husband or wife last minute and say that you are having a “Me-Night-Out” and go and treat yourself to something that would really make you feel good. Even if it’s a little sinful. Meeting friends for dinner and cocktails. Getting a massage. Having an extra scoop of ice cream (now you’re really living on the edge). Taking a personal day from work last minute regardless of how high the paperwork is stacked. Getting a babysitter and having a long weekend away with yours spouse or a group of friends…or even better,  by yourself.  Or whatever it is that you have been keeping yourself from in order to be able to give more to others. How would that feel?  Feels pretty good just to think about it doesn’t it?????

When I think of all the times that I kept myself from doing something that I know would have made me feel better, I cringe. I often times would forego the massage because I had a bill to pay. Yet, on other occasions I’d say just go for it and there was still money to pay my bill.  I’d forego the dessert because it was too high in calories/carbs/sugar/fat (whatever it was I was trying to avoid). Yet when I go to the Cheesecake Factory and have my favorite flavor, Lemon Raspberry ya’ll,  I never gained any weight from it and I loved every bite. Or when I overworked myself at the office because I needed the money and didn’t want to disappoint my clients only to be exhausted and more stressed. Yet when I took a week off for my birthday, it just so happened to be exactly what I needed and every one of my clients completely understood.

It really all worked out for the best. And that’s because being what we consider bad is actually a really good thing. I have heard so many people, even myself truly, refer to food as being bad. Yet they will go ahead and eat it anyway….regularly. The only thing that makes it bad is the label we put on it.  Because the truth is that even bad food is good food if done as a treat and in moderation. Same thing with all of these other “Bads”…….No we can’t get massages every day. And I wouldn’t recommend doing a double scoop every night. Every other weekend away with your friends or spouse might get a little pricey too. But these things, like a good piece of chocolate, certainly can fit into your lifestyle without the guilt associated with it.

Taking care of ourselves on a high level, giving ourselves the same kind of love and care that we would give another is just as, if not MORE important. If we burn out, we lose ourselves.  Unfortunately this happens a lot. Illness results from lack of self care. We start turning to expensive medications and supplements to manage stress when it really is all within our power to manage and balance things just by taking better care of ourselves. And those supplements are not only expensive, but the majority of them are ineffective.

The wisest investment that you can make in your life is YOU. So take the best care of you as you can. Be good….But be a little Bad too.

You’ll actually feel like you’re getting away with something……and that feels anything but bad!!

To Your Health!!

Tracy Lynn

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