“If I Figured It All Out Today…..Tomorrow Would Be Rather Boring.”

“If I figured it all out today…..tomorrow would be rather boring.”

This is something that I kind of just rattled off while in the middle of a heartfelt conversation with a new, and I must say now a VERY good friend of mine, on my drive home from church this morning.  Yesterday I posted a quote on my Facebook page regarding having new foundation, learning to trust the fact that things happen for a reason, and that what you have gone through in life was not meant to hurt you, but to help you grow. Painful as it may seemingly be, these things are meant to help encourage us to learn, grow, and develop into the best of ourselves. My friend replied to my post and lo and behold we ended up on the phone this morning for 59 minutes.

Everything does happen for a reason.  Whether it’s a painful lesson to learn by experiencing a health issue, a relationship that ends, the loss of a job, or the death of a loved one…..these things do, in fact, happen for a reason. Trying to figure it out only adds to the stress of the situation. That has been my experience. The loss of a business and the loss of my marriage, which both happened within months of each other, had my head spinning. These were both very stressful situations in my life, both of which were extremely difficult to let go of. I truly believed my business and my marriage to be my lifeline. And so you can understand that there was a feeling of suffocation at letting them both go.

I was more concerned with making sure that the business and the marriage was taken care of and forgot to truly, on a deep level, take care of myself. It always seemed like I had. I exercised every day. I ate extremely healthy foods.  I remained social. But the stress was so overwhelming that I had developed some health issues with my thyroid and my bones. I became extremely exhausted and doing the day to day activities that normally would come so easy to me became yet another stressor for me.  Feeling sicker and growing more distant I knew something had to give. And it did. In a way that would be the beginning of truly my first life altering experiencing.

We all have little bursts of amazing little things that happen to us in our lives. They truly are blessings. We invite them in and pray for more. The birth of a child. A promotion. A trophy. A new car. Achieving the weight loss we’ve been striving for. Winning $5 at the 7-11 lotto. All these things are blessings and truly do put bounce in our step. Yet, when upsets and chaos happen in our lives, we run from them. We suddenly become angry with the same God who gave us our little blessings. We get depressed, scared, anxious, fearful, and ultimately withdrawn because we cannot face what “might” happen in the future.

I’ve been learning through my spiritual studies  and readings that it’s true, in fact, that everything really does happen for a reason. Whatever you experienced in your life was intended for you to grow from. And if it’s a painful situation, invite it into your life as if it were joyful. Let the Universe work it’s wonders and turn that bad boy around. And just stay the course. Don’t let the hard times stop you. Let them empower you. You don’t have to have all the answers today. If we did, tomorrow would be boring.  Life was meant to be lived day to day, moment to moment, year to year. And to truly experience these precious moments, whether they are pleasurable or painful, is to truly live.

Life may not be easy for me right now, but it is in fact happening for a reason. Where I will end up is based entirely upon my openness to allow this to happen and be receptive to the messages I am receiving. If it were easy and always joyful, it wouldn’t be worth all that much.  Remember that exam that you studied your butt off for in college. You put weeks and weeks into preparing for your finals. You stayed up all night long. Skipped parties with your friends. Gave up that hot Saturday night date because you knew that you had to stay the course, study, and ace the test. And that’s what happened. All that hard work and patience got you your “A”. That “A” got you into your graduate program. That graduate program got you the job of your dreams which lead to all the more blessings that you now have. But it wasn’t easy. It was hard. Now you reap the rewards.

Take your hardships as blessings. Be patient. Learn. And make those changes necessary to have the life that you love living. If you are struggling, ask for the answers. If you are unhappy, make the conscious choice to change that. If you are struggling in relationships, careers, love, spirituality, depression or whatever else “plagues”  you……know that these things are truly happening for a reason. Acknowledge it. Own it. And make the changes necessary……day by day, week by week, year by year, but most importantly, moment by moment.

You have to come first in your life. If you are not happy then you cannot put happiness into your work and your family. It’s not being selfish to take care of yourself. Ultimately your friends, family, colleagues, and boss will appreciate you that much more.  And during this time, be patient and loving with yourself. You don’t have to figure it all out today or tomorrow. If it helps you to connect spiritually, which it has me, then do it. If getting healthy is what you need….start exercising and eating healthy. If you are zonked, take a vacation.  Make the choice that you want a better life for yourself. And do it for yourself so that you can be the best you that you can be.




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