Opportunity Knocks

One of the beauties in life is that there is always going to be another chance. Another whack at the pinata. And there is always a second first impression. I believe that we miss out on so many opportunities in life not because they are not presented to us, but because we don’t recognize them as an opportunity.  We don’t pounce on our prey and take full advantage of each and every situation that comes our way.

I’m totally guilty of that. In so many areas of my life, I had been presented with an opportunity that would have either given me more success financially, within a relationship, and more importantly, the experience of personal growth. Yet I never fully recognized it as an opportunity. We become so accustomed to life as we know it that we don’t fully believe that there could be anything above and beyond where we currently stand.

Behind that illusion, deep within, lies opportunities, experiences, and a life that is just waiting to be had. If you are at the point, like so many out there, where you are in a possible career, relationship, or health change….welcome aboard. Welcome to my world. As I am in the midst of changes in ALL 3 AREAS. My career has taken a turn big time after the closing of my business. My relationship status has changed as well. And along with that I’m working on making some changes in my health and well-being.

It’s not easy. And nobody said it was going to be easy. But it’s worth it. There is a whole life to live out there…Regardless of your age. Regardless of what has “happened” to you. Regardless of your health. There is always an opportunity to start over. Wipe the slate clean. You always have right here and now to make the conscious choice to live a life that you love living.  You just need to be clear about your intentions.

What is it that you want professionally? Where do you see yourself careerwise? Do you network with the appropriate people to have you meet your goals. What is it about your health that holds you back and keeps you stuck in time to move forward and feel your best? Are you not eating the way you would like to or exercising as much? Why not? What stops you? Do you associate with people who drag you down? Are your friends, family, spouse or partners supportive and encouraging or do they make you feel defeated at the end of the day?

There is a special destination for all of us out there….but we must get on the path and take the journey. We may callous and blister our feet along the way. There will be some hard and challenging times….but if you factor joy into the process, you will reap the benefits in the end. But it all comes down to having clarity. Knowing what it is that you want. And being in alignment with it. Knowing what you want but not acting on it isn’t going to bring you the abundance you seek. Trust me on that. When I  lose my focus in life, it shows up for me.

Journal. Meditate. Ask questions. Go to those who know you the best. Get professional business, life, or health coaching. These are valuable tools to help guide you in the right direction. But most importantly, be in action. Each and every day.

No more excuses. Because each excuse you make, is time wasted on your journey. And remember, it’s the journey that takes you to your destination.

Now let’s get busy