A Trip To The Farmacy…..The Only Prescription You Really Need!!

Today I decided that I was going to take a trip, by myself, down to La Jolla and visit San Diego’s best farmer’s market. I like going by myself because I can go at my own pace, talk to the local farmers,  and stop and smell the flowers.  Trips to the FMs is an activity I’ve taken up over the past 2 years. Coming from the Windy City, you only get a few short months to enjoy the locally grown produce….and most of it is corn.

Here in San Diego we are blessed to have locally grown and organic produce all year long. Yes, the types of foods that are in season do rotate, but still, you get the best of the fresh.

I like to emphasize the word “FARM-ACY/FARM-OCOLGY” because that’s truly what it is. I’m not sure the exact year the first pharmacy came along. But I do know that when I’m looking for a cure for something that is outside of what my body can do on it’s own, I turn to food 99% of the time.  There is a huge difference between the foods that you buy in the grocery store vs the foods that you buy at the local farmer’s markets. Yes, even with the organic produce.

When you buy from the farmer’s markets, that food is picked fresh…..it goes straight from the farm to your fork. It has a very fresh smell that indicates it’s just been pulled from the earth. The colors are ever so bright, like a fresh painting. And the flavor is so robust that you hardly need to add anything to it.

Aside from the alluring culinary aspects of going local at the farmer’s market are it’s medicinal effects. Eating locally grown produce means that your fruits and veggies haven’t been sitting on a truck spoiling going from coast to coast. Most of the food has been harvested with in 24 hours of being displayed. Which means its phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are that much more potent. I always enjoy my meals more when I can get my produce and herbs locally. I feel healthier just knowing that it came straight from the ground and is nourishing my body on a cellular level….not just filling my stomach. And I actually feel satiated with less food for longer periods of time.

I also found walking through the Farmacy a sense of peace. It almost seemed as if everyone there was in sync with each other.  It was probably one of the more stress free spiritual things I’ve done in a long time.

If you have the opportunity to visit a farmer’s market in your area, I highly recommend it. And don’t just plow through there like you do your local grocery store. Stop and appreciate all the different foods on display. Many of which you would never even see in your local store. Talk to the farmers and ask them about their produce. It’s very enlightening to know that the best foods grown from the earth are available to you.


Try going to a farmers market and stocking up on your produce . See how you feel eating locally grown organic for one full week. Notice how your body feels. How you sleep. How your skin looks. And your overall energy production.

To Your Health
Tracy Russell
Health Coach

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